The Makerspace was my most recent adventure downtown Burlington Ontario. The Makerspace is home within the central public library and is literally a diamond in the rough for makers of all levels. I originally came across the Makerspace by word of mouth hearing tall tales of laser and vinyl cutters. I’m sure glad my curiosity got the best of me because the Makerspace is an artisans dream come true!

What Is The Makerspace?

The Makerspace is a collaborative work environment for makers of all levels to come and perfect their craft, and learn new skills. It is a space offered by the Burlington Public Library. Even though there are some small fees the library does not profit from this space. Instead the fees go back in to restock supplies, add new tools, and maintenance. A fair trade for the plethora of tools, machines, and experience you get.

What Does The Makerspace Offer?

The Makerspace offers a nice big room with large tables to use during their open hours. There are staff onsite to help with any road blocks you might bump into. If you get really stuck or want to learn a new skill or craft the Library offers classes to learn to use their industrial machines. The only mandatory class is for the laser cutter. The Makerspace has the following industrial machines available to use.

– Laser Cutter
– Vinyl Cutter
– Vinyl Printer
– 3D Printer
– Embroidery Machine
– Sergers
– Sewing Machines

They also offer a wide range of materials to use for your projects such as vinyl, wood, acrylic, paper, rubber, and more! Even better all the machines use computer software to build your own custom and even branded projects.

How Does The Makerspace Help My Biz?

¬†While the Makerspace does not offer services to complete your projects it does offer the opportunity to avoid large overhead costs of getting started with a craft. The Makerspace offers a plethora of tools and materials perfect for any aspiring, new, or growing makers. It’s a great stepping stone to get your business off the ground and even introduce new products and services to grow. Sewists can add embroidery services to their range of products. Use the vinyl cutter to make branded stickers or the laser cutter to make a custom sign or stamp. The possibilities seem endless! Not to mention you get an incredible boost of motivation just walking into the buzzing room of artisans.

The best part?

Piece of Cake Trainings and The Makers Society our online community are collaborating with the BPL and The Makerspace! This collab will be a free workshop June 2019 to bridge the gap between maker skills and business skills. If you’re an aspiring or new maker this workshop will be for you! If you are a maker who’s been in business for a short time and feel like you’re just spinning your wheels then this workshop will be for you too! All makers are welcome! We’ll be touching on the basics of building a solid foundation to get your business off the ground and primed for growth! Watch for the new library program guide!¬†