1- QR Codes

At the last show I tested out the newly evolving Facebook messenger scan codes. While they were pretty awesome they did not resonate easily with customers. However the QR codes I used for email sign up and website navigation at Craftadian were perfect! Not only were the QR  codes easily recognized the majority of customers I found already knew how to use them. The great thing about having a QR for my website? Customers had my website page opened on their phone and in their browser history. That little scan code did more than my business card would have in a fraction of the time. Plus the email sign up pop’s up on my website for a two in one! #winning! That’s not saying to start ditching your B cards! I still gave out a fair amount of those too.

Final review:

Definitely going to hang onto the QR code for future craft shows! They were fun and were also great as a conversation starter. While buisness cards are still needed there is still room to tweak this to maybe even replace them.

2- Coupon code incentive for email sign up

While I have been doing the coupon code for email sign up for quite some time, I decided to include it here because of the above mentioned QR codes. This was a first for the website QR code and I found I had an increase in sign ups because it was so easy. The thank you redirect after the email was entered had the coupon right on the screen. There was no need to navigate to their inbox and fish out the incentive email. Therefore customers could do this while I packed up their purchase and set up the checkout.

Final review:

Definitely going to hang onto the email sign up by QR code for future craft shows! They were super easy and quick, with little to no direction needed for customers. Bonus my website stayed in their browser history for future reference.

3- BOGO deals for craftshows

This was actually suggested to me in the Makers Market Society group on Facebook, and I am so glad I tried it out! Firstly this was the first time I ever even considered a promotional offer. Secondly it made the world of difference! Not only was it easy to do, it was a huge buying incentive for customers with 80% of them adding on the second item. Sometimes customers went crazy and just started stocking up! I only added the BOGO offer on the little items and offered a free little item with purchases over $125. This was also a really great incentive. Not only a great incentive but also an awesome deterrent for the bargain shoppers. What more could they ask for when there was already a deal on the table. Double win in my books!

Final review:

Highly recommend trying out a promotional offer to use just for craft shows. I suggest having a price list for the offer on hand (I kept forgetting them until I said it enough!) Make sure that your offer still makes you money! Even if that means you need to increase your prices slightly. Best new thing I’ve tried for craft shows lately!

4- Table top sign instead of a banner

Sounds crazy right! I was in a bit of a space jam and was so glad I had brought my photo frame sign! It was my first time putting it to use and it actually made all the difference. I found customers actually stopped to read about my brand. Customers rarely read my large standing banner so this was strange to me. It was nice having one less thing to set up and take down too. It was also a nice final touch to my branded look complete with logo.

Final review:

Don’t completely ditch the banner. This was a happy accident which I will definitely be using for future craft shows. The banner is great when you have more breathing room in your vendor booth. I really loved how this finished the look of my display.

5- Detailed product tags instead of just the price

Typically I have nice branded tags complete with logo, website, and price. This time I added a detailed sticker with price to the back. These stickers included the name and features of the item. I can’t say how great it was to have these when it gets busy. It was almost like having an assistant! Customers could see the features if I couldn’t get to them right away. They would create a connection between customer and item as they’ve dedicated time to reading about it. I would say it definitely helped increase sales, brand image, and customer relations. Not only because they read about it but also because sometimes their names matched too!

Final review:

Will definitely be keeping these for future craft shows and stockist locations. The fact that these little tags are a boost of customer service when I can’t be gives me all the happy vibes! If this is something you can add into your product tags I highly recommend!

bonus! – smaller giveaway winnings pre craft shows

Previous craft shows I would do ticket giveaways with an awesome prize pack for incentive. Little did I realize that this was actually a terrible idea until Craftadian! For this show I did a ticket giveaway and a $10 shop credit. The winner used their $10 and jumped on the BOGO offer train with another small side purchase to boot. I actually gained sales from offering a smaller giveaway winning. No other giveaway winner made a purchase because I was already giving them everything they needed. #fail I’m definitely glad I had this as a learning experience!

Final review:

Smaller denominations of shop credits are more likely to turn over into sales! This ones a no brainer! give it a shot and you may be surprised too!

do you use any of these for your craft shows? Which ones do you think you will try?

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