Is your mindset Growth Mindset focused?

If you’re wondering what growth mindset is to begin with you need to check out the facebook live interview with Lola! Take in all of her golden knowledge for grounding yourself on the entrepreneur roller coaster.

Live Interview with Life Fitness with Lola ! Grounding yourself on the entrepreneur roller coaster 💪

Posted by Piece Of Cake Trainings on Tuesday, July 31, 2018
Growth mindset for makers and the entrepreneur roller coaster. These can be tricky waters to navigate for us makers and even more so trying to stay a float when we hit those lows. How do we get back on track? How can we prepare ourselves to keep moving forward when we’re having a rough go? Check out this live facebook interview above to get some clarity!  

Quick overview

I had the utmost pleasure of interviewing Lola Tsai Small of Lola Life Fitness on the importance of having a growth mindset as makers. Being able to ground ourselves on the entrepreneur roller coaster we often find ourselves on is not always easy. Therefore She shares with us 5 amazing tips to stay focused and keep our minds healthy and positive (that growth mindset again!). She also reminds us to make sure we are taking time for ourselves. Because “Me” days are so crucial she shows us why they are important and how we can get that growth mindset balance.

growth mindset for makers live facebook interview on piece of cake trainings
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